Hi! I’m creator of the ThumbPro Arcade. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my custom controller built primarily for fighting games!I’ve been playing fighting games since 1989. I was a regular at the arcade in the 90s just to play fighting games(any NeoGeo/ Soulblade,TimeKillers ect).Then Street Fighter 2 came out on Super Nintendo! After that fighting games at home among friends and Rivals was just the thing to do. And We all played on pad.

I tried to acclimate to stick but the learning curve for me was so frustrating that I would rather just not play my fighting games. So after buying two sticks in 5 years and not being able to perform like I do on pad, I decided to try to build something that fits my style of play.After posting a few pictures I found that I’m not the only one that wants to have d-pad movement with arcade style 30 mm buttons!It’s been a long road but we’re in the final phases of this project. The components work and right now we’re focusing on making it look as good as possible and make some other minor adjustments.

Thanks for stopping by!