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Mekel Kasanova host of Hawaii’s #1 podcast, The Kasanova Podcast, Journalist, and Content Creator. 

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Fighting Games Using the Thumb Pro Arcade
Thumb Pro Arcade Part 2 

There’s few times where you use something that completely revolutionizes how you think and operate, even fewer times when you use something and didn’t realize that you needed it to begin with. For me, that revolutionary moment was when I started using the Thumb Pro Arcade as I’ve been a pad player for life and recently switched to Fightstick and yet I still had those issues transitioning fully from pad to stick. Having to relearn everything has been a pain but the moment I started using this it felt second nature, I wasn’t thinking about my motions or inputs. I just grabbed the sticks and was handing out Ls. This right here is a GAME CHANGER and I’m honored to be able to test this out. Expect great things from Thumb Pro Arcade!

Mekel Kasanova